Oh yeah, I have a blog

3 03 2010

Huh. How about that.

Anyway, sorry to have neglected you all for so long. I’ve been busy working on stuff and…mostly just working, actually. Working from home, as a matter of fact. If you want to get into specifics, then I work, still doing technical support, except from the comfort of my own underp-ah, living room.

After catching a surprisingly large windfall from the first tax return I’ve filed in probably 5 years, I bought my first-ever brand-new PC. Nothing fancy, you know. It’s an Acer with a pretty large hard drive and enough RAM to handle my day-to-day multi-tasking activities. Also, it plays video games. And runs all my photo-editing programs and Flash games and music players…often at the same time.

I appreciate this computer, is basically what I’m saying. Windows 7 is, in tech support jargon, “teh shiz.”

Just renewed our lease for our third year in this apartment. Kelly should graduate next Winter, after year of student teaching, then it’s on to her Master’s (I threatened her with physical violence) and then her career in… Huh. I’m not sure what she’ll do. I guess it would be kind of silly for a person with a Master’s degree in Education to teach elementary school, but you never know with Kelly.

Back to the computer: I’ve been working on a lot more of my own projects lately, thanks in large part to my wicked-awesome computer. I have a bit of ye olde ADD that makes concentrating on any one thing very difficult, so being able to have Gimp and Wordpad and Armor Games all loaded into separate windows in the same workspace is beyond helpful. Right now I’m writing this post, watching The Office streaming online and playing Prince of Persia 2.

Legal status: questionable. On my birthday, I went down to my folks’ ranch to ahng out and received a very interesting letter. it was from the City of Port Lavaca, TX, the police department, and within it contained a set of three red-light-camera shots of my Caprice blasting through while speeding. The Caprice I sold over a year ago to my stepfather’s coworker.

I should probably mention here that this same car was tangentially involved in a shooting/possible murder about nine months ago. The aforementioned stepdad’s coworker originally bought the car for his college-age daughter. This daughter had a boyfriend who was into some shady extra-curriculars and somehow ended up shooting someone while out on the town in his girlfriend’s old lady car.

My old lady car.

Anyway, I can either pay the $85 and call it a day (and finally renew my driver’s license) or I can try to put the blame on the real culprit and retain my (seriously) squeaky clean driving record. So there’s that.

I’m trying to work up the nerve to discuss the Olympics, but I really can’t come up with anything other than “FUCK YOU CANADA.” We were kicking some serious on-ice ass and then… yeah. Fuck you guys, eh.