Steak and Eggs

28 09 2009

If there is any better meal 0n this planet better than steak and eggs, I have yet to taste it. Some men eat ham steaks with their overeasies; some even mix it up with a little sirloin. I don’t mean some IHOP why-yes-it-IS-beef-sir sirloins. I mean the real damn thing where you can feel free to sop up all that delicious yolk without being afraid of the E. Coli trots ruining your slacks later on. That’s a man’s meal. A man eats a meal like that with any regularity and he is ready to lay bricks with his peter.

Being fresh out of steak I opted for just fried eggs, which helped to cut some of the gloom off of this fine September day. September is my least favorite month, so it’s no wonder I get the Funk around this time of year. There aren’t enough fried eggs in the world to fully revive me though, so I’m going to sign off here and go take a damn nap.




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