3 PM

27 09 2009

Okay you jerks this is the day. I don’t know the first thing about casting people other than what I’ve seen on the internet, and that mostly involves tricking Russian girls into blowing you on camera.  There are several reasons why I believe that is not the case for today.

There are really only two roles of importance, and one has been filled by some dude I don’t know. His role is that of the basic American wiener. There is a twist at the end that I don’t much care for, but mostly he’s just a dude who has trouble getting by in life and at one point he falls on a beer bottle with his face.

So in about thirty minutes I’m going to go help decide which bitchy brunette girl fits the other role the best. Sitting in the audience all judging some girl when I can’t even remember most of the dialogue, saying things like “her innate caring nature is too obvious for her to play this role convincingly” and keeping a straight face. Maybe I should go find some Adderall so I can muster some interest. Can’t even sit up straight. Damn man but this is very lame.




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