I’ve decided to let Bing make all my daily decisions.

6 06 2009

Current Status:  SHOELESS

I’m sure some of you have heard by now of Microsoft recently debuted, forgettably named search engine, Bling.com. It is known, as I’m sure you also know, as a “decision engine”. You see, a decision engine is different from a search engine in that it addresses the horrible software issue that causes the user to have to think independently.  It’s oversights like that that have made Google so incredibly unpopular.

Current Status: UNWIPED

To illustrate the usefulness of this new web toy, I have decided to allow Bing ultimate authority in my everyday life. For the next few days, or perhaps only tonight (I don’t know, Bing hasn’t made up its mind yet) Bing will choose whether my day is comfortable or awful and embarrassing.

Check back for frequent updates.

Current Status: HATTED


For the Record: After having administered the mandatory search engine “porn” to “gay” image search test, I have tallied up the results.  Google wins by landslide, by reason of not showing gay porn in an image search for the word “porn” until the fourth page, or 36th image in the list.

Bing lost several points for returning gay porn on the fifteenth image on the list. It lost further points for not having static labels under all posted image links. Further points were lost for all images being in one scrollable list.




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