Anyway, about the writing job thing.

14 11 2008

My anonymous liaison inside the Houston Chronicle’s Entertainment section informs me that the tentative launch date for the core site will be December 11. What that means–besides me being on the very periphery of the whole process–is something will happen related to me writing reviews in exchange for games. My liaison, by the way, is not anonymous. She is very much, um, onymous, in fact. 


Also, there is a “swanky, by-invitation-only” launch party to which I’ve been invited via email. I guess that means I should bring a riot baton just in case some doorman gets testy when I present my crumpled print-out screenshot of the email in my hotmail account. The party will be in Houston, I assume, or out in the tony surrounding areas, which is over two hours away, and virtually inhospitable. Luckily, I may not have to drive the entire time, which is going to be several kinds of awesome.




4 responses

14 11 2008

Make sure to dress up in a fine-pimpin’ waistcoat, top-hat, and quality fur coat. First impressions are important.

14 11 2008
The Schroederist

Says the Schroederist’s girlfriend.. “I’M GETTING A CAR!!!!”

14 11 2008
this buddy of mine

2nd place in the blog prize…it will help pay for gas….

14 11 2008
this buddy of mine

FYI…I need an email to send your winnings…

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