Oh yeah, I got a writing job.

6 11 2008

I don’t think I’ve bothered to mention this yet, but I recently agreed to author a video game-review blog for a site owned by the Houston Chronicle. I found a link on the PWoT fora, which is now housed snugly within David Wong’s nightmarishly successful step-child, CRACKED.com. (CAUTION: If you do go to the PWoT fora, don’t join up and be an asshole. Some of the regulars there are the funniest people alive, and they are merciless.)

After sending off an email and waiting for a month, the lady finally replied. Although I was by no means the only applicant, I actually live in Texas, so that made for convenient shipping routes for the free Wii and PS2 games they’re going to send me every month.* So go suck on that, suckas.

It’s unpaid, by the way. Just thought I’d make that perfectly clear. My only recompense will be exposure, I guess. That, and the free new-release video games, which have high resale value, even at GameStop. I’ll be able to tell all the good-hearted hard-luck dames that I work the beat for a daily paper in the big city, and also wear a heavy tan trenchcoat and matching fedora. 


*This entire sentence may be fabricated.




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