Great, now we can’t all just sit around and complain anymore.

5 11 2008

Bang-up job, fellow Americans. Not only have you elected part of a black man to office, but you’ve done it with style and a surprising grace that is oddly becoming. The only problem now is what we’re supposed to do for the next two months. I propose we all take a vacation somewhere else, and just wait for Bush to pack his stuff and leave. That’s going to be awkward.

We’re at the end of one of the most embarassing and politically damaging presidencies in our entire history and the most anyone can really feel is relief. Bush probably wasn’t as dumb as we thought, but he was certainly a puppet of his father’s cronies. He was put in place because his past painted him to be a person inclined to boldly stupid decisions, and that’s what wass needed to pull off such blatant tomfoolery. It’s an easier pill to swallow than our President being an intelligent, urbane gentleman who picks an oil exec for his VP and still swears the wars he started weren’t about oil. Fewer questions are raised about a person’s ethics and morality when that person is a dunce.

Barack Obama has no such excuses, and our expectations will surely be much higher than his results, but none of that changes what you all accomplished last night. Just keep in mind that things are going to be pretty rough before they get any smoother. Obama’s got a few hills to climb before he’s in a position to change anything, and even then, last night’s Republican popular showing proved that we’re about as divided a nation as we’ve ever been since the Civil War. 

Also, I think last night’s election was, if anything, a message from America to all Black Americans:

“There, now we’re even.”




2 responses

14 11 2008

Does this mean that Black Americans from now on are called ‘Americans’ and White Americans are ‘Continental Americans’?

17 03 2009
Cap'n Eric

I’m humored by the fact that “prez” or “president” is now a greeting for Black Americans, similar to how the “N” word is used.

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