And now, the letdown.

4 11 2008

Right now it is 9:10 a.m CST, reporting out of San Marcos, TX. The polls close tonight, after which will be chosen our next President. Once the final ballot is counted, the whole world will see whether America still has it in her to change, to evolve and adapt to the environment we must also learn to share with our neighbors. No matter what happens, tomorrow marks a new era in American History.

Of course, I didn’t mention that whatever happens–whever is elected–the only thing any average American citizen can really count on is crushing disappointment. The past eight years–or the Age of Irony–has been nothing but instructional for Americans; watching our fabled American Dream fade without so much as a whimper against the dying of its light has shown us that even cornerstones crumble. I wish Hunter S. Thompson were alive to see this.

I’m not an Obama supporter–a slick businessman-lawyer is not what we need right now–but I think he stands as a near-perfect reflection of the American Dream itself. In a country where less than half a century ago a black man couldn’t be president of a book club, Barack Obama has climbed the mountain of our country’s considerable political and social fears. How he fares today will indicate our level of practical faith in the basic tenets of the American Dream itself. We’ve had long enough to get our act together; one more setback will be the last.

If John McCain wins today, and believe me, he has a damn good chance–keep in mind that Gallup polls don’t count the votes of people living out in the sticks–it will mark the final days of our reign of power on the world’s stage. It will show the rest of the world just how cowardly and unsure we are, and though there will be finger-pointing and accusations thrown, we will all be equally at fault. 

Good luck, guys.




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