Flying Fucks, Two Shits, Rat’s Asses, and other things I don’t give about your political views.

12 10 2008

I have this thing about not discussing politics. I know, I discuss politicians all the time, but that’s a little different, at least in my mind. When you discuss the person, you keep things abstract and somewhat detached; when you discuss their beliefs, you ensure things will go tits up in seconds-flat. There isn’t any polite discourse about politics anymore.

I don’t vote for reasons akin to my refusal to discuss policy: I don’t have an opinion to share or a complaint to voice that will be aided in any way by my casting a vote for some asshole, or telling some other asshole who I want to vote for, if anyone. I’m not on one side of the fence, nor on it. I have my own system of beliefs that don’t fit any mold precisely. That’s true for a good many people, I guess. 

All that being said, it surprises me how many Obama supporters act precisely like the McCain Mob, those Republican fanatics so universally and vehemently dispised by Democrats. Everyone’s so defensive and paranoid these days, you’d think George Orwell had written the story of our lives. Ask any single person on the street who they support and why, and they’ll instantly assume you’re for the other side. No, seriously–go try it.

I’ll wait.

Back already, eh? And how was it? Like being assaulted with picketing signs, only the signs were shovels and were on fire? That sounds like modern, enlightened political discussion to me!

I’m not voting this season, or in any other, until the system retreats from its current “Lesser Evil” format. I don’t like Obama, and I wouldn’t trust McCain to tell me the time of day. Anyone else is a wasted vote. There’s just no reason to vote this year. I’m trying to avoid watching political television, too, but it isn’t easy. My sick desire to see something terrible happen keeps me tuned in all the time.

That’s true for a lot of people, too.




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12 10 2008
this buddy of mine

here, here

13 10 2008

Well of course you don’t want to talk politics. I’m sure the people around you do enough pointless jabbering to satisfy anyone’s thirst for political ‘disagreements.’ That being said, no one’s vote means any less this year than in years past. There is no deeper degree of uselessness… it is now, and has been for my whole life, pointless to vote.

22 10 2008

I voted for the turd sandwich, as usual (I do early voting, because I hate having to go to the local elementary school to vote on election day. Plus there’s the restraining order, and all). I mainly just vote to oppose whatever stupid state propositions that are proffered, and against our asshole county sheriff who’s been a (sphincter-like) fixture for the past 20 years or so. I also like to try to oust any judges who are up for re-election on the general principle of “hey, why not?”

Further, it’s amusing to vote to approve local bond issuances and then oppose measures designed to allow the bond proceeds to be expended. Of course, it’s important to complete the irresponsible voting trifecta by opposing any new taxes designed to repay those bonds.

So I went ahead and darkened the line for one of the craptastic presidential candidates at the same time. I’m a patriot!

22 10 2008
The Schroederist

You wrote in Ralph Nader, didn’t you?

23 10 2008

Yes, but I qualified it by appending “as a sassy black woman” after his name. That way we get the best of both Palin and Obama in one nutty package.

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