Oh Opera, how you failed me.

28 09 2008

So, lately I’ve been burning through web browsers like they were light-colored pants. IE 7, IE 8 beta, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9.5, and Google Chrome–like I said, I’m going through them. Of the five, Opera was most impressive, except for one tiny little bug: crashes every eight or nine minutes. 

Opera is slick, fast, and easy to use, but with so many problems with app extensions–and especially with it constantly peaking my CPU usage and freezing my computer–I had to give it up for the ever-so-slightly-worse Google Chrome. Chrome’s not bad–especially since I use Google Images so damn much–but it’s a little, um, clunky? Yeah that’s probably it. Clunky. When it’s quick, it’s really quick; mostly it’s a little better than the IE 8 beta.

There are customizable themes, though! Just like Opera’s different skins, except it involves manually removing and replacing .dll files! Yes!




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