The War on Drugs gets stupid.

11 09 2008

I’m sure a lot of you know my stance on illicit drugs. For those that don’t, it’s basically like this: if it can be controlled and enjoyed responsibly, it should not be illegal. That’s it.

Salvia Divinorum is a plant sold in the US as an “herbal alternative”, the smoking of which has psychoactive properties of its own. You smokes it, it gets you high.

Now, it should be noted that smoking salvia is not even remotely fun. Five minutes of whooshing in your ears and blurred vision followed immediately by headache and nausea is roughly what you can expect from the experience. Most people do it once or twice out of curiosity, and that’s enough for them.

There is no available data on whether salvia is dangerous to your health, but it’s probably safe to assume that it isn’t a big concern. Punching yourself in the liver is likely bad for you, but not many people party like that, and for pretty much the same reasons.

Because they like to at least be art of the Parade of Dicks, Texas is considering criminalizing the sale of salvia and its derivatives. This decision is based on…well, nothing. I guess they just want to make it illegal.

From the Dallas News:

Dr. Kurt Kleinschmidt, chief of toxicology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, said some preliminary research into salvia has emerged in the past two years, but not much clinical research into the drug’s long-term effects has been done.

That’s why Mr. Anderson says it’s important to outlaw the plant.

Right. Well, I guess if you want to party in a way that won’t get you arrested, but isn’t really any fun anyway, salvia is your answer for at least a little while. I don’t recommend it.




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