A note on the history of the blog.

11 09 2008

So I recently passed the 10,000-hit mark on my sad, sad blog without even really noticing. This in itself is not that important. Guys like Perez Hilton get 10,000 hits while they’re in the middle of posting, never mind over six months.

No, the important thing is that 4,327 of those hits can be attributed to a single post. 43% (oh yeah, I can move the shit out of a decimal) of my blog’s entire traffic came from an incredibly racist post explicitly about fat people. Weird, huh? No, what’s weird is that the second-biggest drawer of hits is also about fat people.

What the hell?




3 responses

11 09 2008

Congrats, I hope to get half that many bangs.

11 09 2008
Captain Eric

so, apparently… the public likes to read about the fatties… ?

14 09 2008
The Schroederist

I guess so. Porn and fat people draw the biggest hits to my blog. Says a lot about you guys.

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