The time is now!

9 09 2008

My article on the six vigilantes is up on Cracked’s front page right now. It’s been noticeably edited, cleaned up a little, but otherwise it’s the same article. More importantly, it marks the first time anyone has ever been unfortunate enough to give me money for my humor writing.

The article follows on the heels of one by a guy named Ian Fortey, who is apparently the second coming of Christ in internet humorist form. His article, Five Real-World Supervillians, ran yesterday and, like everything the fucking guy touches, it was a smash. Hopefully, mine will at least be comparable.

Anyway, go read the article. Read it. Like it. Digg it.




6 responses

9 09 2008

yay! congratulations! maybe someday i’ll get munny for funny.

9 09 2008
Peter Lynn

You might want to include a permalink to the article itself. Sadly, it won’t be on the front page forever. Take it from me: The day it slips off the front page and people stop furiously Digging you is a sad one.

I, for one, am surprised by the revelation that there’s such a thing as an openly gay Pentecostal teacher. (I’m also surprised that the Book of Revelation 14:1-4 seems to imply that only homosexuals will go to heaven.) I’m even more surprised, though, that Cracked didn’t go with an article title like 6 Vigilantes Even More Batshit Insane Than Batman. Or did some vigilante wash their mouths out with soap?

9 09 2008
The Schroederist

Actually, I think it’s already permalinked. I just linked the words “front page” because they seemed the most important.

I don’t know who edited his article, but they did trim out a few of my more mature jokes. The whole thing has an almost PG-13 feel to it, doesn’t it?

11 09 2008
Peter Lynn

I personally like to keep my Cracked work on the cleaner side. That way, it can end up in my portfolio or I can show it to my mom, and no one’s turned off because I said something about raping the Pope.

11 09 2008
The Schroederist

*ahem*Polite Canadians*ahem*

15 09 2008
Peter Lynn

But I still do rape the Pope. I just have the decency not to joke about it.

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