You see, the problem with dens of iniquity is…

14 06 2008

That the clerks always look at you with this mildly superior smirk, like “I’m so pulling a fast one on you right now. You’re totally buying this stuff that I’m selling. I win.” 

Now, I get it that maybe a guy shopping in a porn store is probably a little creepier than the guy working there–at least on the outside–but inferior? Or, god forbid, morally inferior? Oh my, whatever shall we do…

No, no. Let me back up just a little. See, I always maintain an overly cheerful manner when dealing with guys who work in places that sell bongs and rubber vaginas. It keeps them on edge, ready to fight to the death if necessary, should any errant pervert make a wrong move. It’s healthy for them, I think, to have that sort of fantasy world to slip into when all you have to do for twelve hours a day is watch wrestling and sell fake cocks to women his grandmother’s age. 

Anyway, he had that same sort of smirk I was telling you about. Except, on this guy, the smirk looked half condescending, and half hateful. I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if he had a loaded shotgun next to the TV, always ready to blow a hole in someone, but that just gathers dust, having never even been fired. If I had jumped at him and made a scary face:

Yes, just like that one

He would have blown a rat hole through my thigh. You know, because of how scary I am. I mean, look at that–is that the scariest Asian man you’ve ever seen or what?

I’m sorry, I seem to be getting away from the point here. The point is that the greatest moral question of my generation is whether the guy selling the porn, or the guy buying, is of a higher moral standing. Maybe they’re equally scummy. Or maybe they should join forces to stop crime because they’re both just that fucking awesome. 

Or maybe the guy shopping at the porn store shouldn’t be complaining so much about the service. 




3 responses

3 09 2008
Sex Novels

Both of them, because nobody force you to buy those kind of adult things, even there are lots of adult store everywhere. The point there is that if you easily be tempted by those adult things, then it’s your fault though. In addition, we people are eager to find pleasure, that’s why we find ways to solve our pleasure.

14 10 2008

For me both of them, as we all know we have the right to choose in what should we do just like buying adult toys or be in a adult store to be a clerk. The common attitude we always do is to be easily get tempted, especially on sexual stuff. But we cannot deny the fact that we love having pleasure.

15 10 2008

There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you are making some obscenity to the people.. there’s nothing wrong with selling adult stuff or buying as long as your professional not acting like a stupid one.

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