Oh Christ, here come the symbols…

3 06 2008

Now that Hillary Clinton is more or less a dead duck, we’re left with Senators Obama and McCain duking it out for the top spot. This is where the symbols come in. Now, I’m not trying to sound like some nutjob TV psychic. What I mean is that the Obama/McCain clash is symbolic of the classic Black Man’s Struggle in America. Because of this, and because he’s sort of black, look for Barack Obama’s camp to play up the underdog aspect. God knows America loves an underdog.

Sadly, I don’t see it working for Obama this go-round. He’s too polished, too professional, to be able to play off a decent woe-is-me card and not look like a total buffoon. No one will feel sorry for him, but then again, no will care either way. In a gang rape, the victim doesn’t prefer one dick to another.

I’m no politico, but I’d say wait for a big bomb to come from Obama’s people some time this Summer. Something involving McCain and his stance on religion, perhaps. It would be a boon to Obama’s Presidential hopes if he could somehow play the two-sided preacher fiasco as a natural consequence of politics. Then, he could come out in favor of a milder, more politically astute preacher, and seem like the Righteous Brother the people will surely vote for. He does this, but manages to make McCain’s same rejection of supportive religious figures look like ingratitude. After all, Reverend Wright was a lunatic anyone would be glad to get away from; Hagee and Parsley are just your average White Southr’n Preachuhs.

At any rate, there isn’t any good choice for us this year. Obama’s a professional politician, and McCain’s an old asshole. In a country full of them, the assholes will always reign supreme.  




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5 06 2008

Obama has the edge in the race, but both contenders will be trying their damnedest to lose. McCain’s problem will ultimately be good ol’ Charlie Keating (plus his big, fat mouth), and Obama’s will be Tony Rezko (plus his big, fat mouth. And Michelle’s lovely, but uncontrolled mouth).

5 06 2008
The Schroederist

Obama’s problems with Rezko aside, what else do you expect to see from him, as far as screwing his own campaign goes? Obviously, Michelle is a constant worry, but I’m thinking it will be something a little more Clintonesque.

6 06 2008

Obama’s great when he’s on his scripted message (which is, in essence, a message about nothing in particular), and in that fashion he’s very Clintonian.

When he attempts to answer specific policy questions, he comes off as klutzy and inexperienced. In the debates with Hillary, for example, he came up bumbling more than a few times while she came off as savvy. Hillary is very good at getting back to talking about nothing. Obama doesn’t move quickly enough to non topics, so he ends up with giving a half-assed response to targeted questions that more than likely contradict with something he said or did earlier.

Whether the American public chooses to ignore what will likely be a series of contradictions in statements and positions will be an unknown factor. He’s a professional politician, but he’s not quite as polished as people are crediting him for.

With McCain, he’s more consistent in maintaining his positions, but his positions tend to be all over the place. Some days he’s a fiscal conservative, and other days he’s a big government nanny-stater. He’s half social liberal and and half social conservative. But you’re right, he’s pretty much 100% asshole.

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