This ugly situation of ours

20 05 2008

You know, I forget who said it, but somebody once said that you can watch a wild young liberal turn into a dry old conservative, but never the reverse. Amen. I’m no goddamned conservative, but I can honestly say that I’m not nearly so wild as I once was. I’ve calmed down a bit, and tend to watch where I’m going more and more. I’ve even taken an interest in politics, if you can swallow that one. Why? Well, shit, who knows? A kind of sick curiosity, maybe. A keen sense of the humor inherent in most public dealings in the United States, which is even more probable. 

Regardless of the reasons, the fact remains that this wild young liberal is slowly turning into a mild young…something else entirely. 

Politics are the bane of my existence, and yours too, if you’d ever stop and take a look around. There’s nothing healthy in watching two or three fat, oiled reptiles battle it out for the top spot in our government. It causes terrible symptoms of apathy and cynicism, not to mention an extreme distaste for our fellow man. Some people–like the good doctor Thompson–thrived on political fiascoes and the fantastic bullshit rhetoric of a presidential campaigner. Not me. I couldn’t give a drop of piss in a typhoon about those slimy cocksuckers. I like the other side of the mess–where the real ugliness comes into play, and where we as a country get truly and viciously fucked. 

This is a no-win setup, kids. Obama, McCain, Clinton…what’s the difference between one snake or another in a den of vipers? 

Some people will tell you that what we really need is change, in the form of the progressively less-black Barack Obama. Fuck that noise. The man–among other things–is just a goddamned politician. He’s no better, fresher, or more honest than any of the rest. It’s a sad statement that Bill Clinton is the greatest President of my generation. Whoops! Fucking cats, what have we done here? Can that really be true? 

Oh yes. Who else can we compare Clinton to? Bush the Patriarch, or Bush the Idiot Son? Reagan? Christ Almighty. 




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20 05 2008


Reality has its mysteries.

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