Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… The Attendant Stir!

6 05 2008

I have a thing about finding over-used phrases in popular fiction and turning them into things that they are not. For instance, the ubiquitous “feigned indifference” became my email address (although, I admit I like to invent a deeper meaning for it upon explanation.) So, when I realized that the phrase “attendant stir” appears in no fewer than five novels I own/haven’t yet unborrowed, I decided to do something about it.

I’m going to start an alt-rock indie band and call it The Attendant Stir. We’ll be awesome. I’ve even thought of a sweet gimmick: by word-of-mouth our awesomeness will spread through the state’s many thousands of indie scenesters, and they will flock, in their many thousands, to our shows. Once there, the band will not appear on stage, and the show is revealed to be–in its entirety–the crowd itself.


That’s some smart marketing.




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