Blogging in the dark

5 03 2008

So, the electricity at my house got disconnected today. There was really nothing to be done about it until tommorow, and I am a lazy sack of ass anyway. Luckily, this here laptop runs on BATTERY POWER OF AWESOME, and therefore doesn’t need to be plugged in. If the AWESOME POWER OF BATTERY runs out, I can just take it to work, and recharge it.

On a related note, I bet there aren’t many people out there who blog in the flickering light of a dying candle. Well, besides the incredibly fat chat room trolls, who might get a sense of enjoyment out of cyber-balling 12 year-olds in the light of a romantic candle or two.

Oh, and the goth kids. There’s nothing better to inspire shitty poetry than candlelight.

Besides them, though, I’m all alone. That’s really not so bad, either, except that there’s something furtive and paranoia-inducing about looking at porn with all of the lights out. Makes me feel dirty. It’s much better to jerk off in the honest light of day.

The only problem with not having any electricity is that I am biologically incapable of going to sleep without reading. I’ve tried it before, and unless I’m drunk or absolutely sexed-out, I can’t do it. It also doesn’t seem responsible to try to sleep with a candle burning. This is going to be a long night.




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