I’m (probably) with stupid.

4 03 2008


I came across one of the best summations of how I feel about human intelligence just a moment ago, on the forum of a site dedicated mainly to penis jokes. The author, Peter Lynn, is one of my favorite writers on the internet, and I tend to respect his opinion on things. On top of that, he’s a fucking grammar guru.

Knowing your IQ is probably the least beneficial thing a person can know about themselves, intellectually. I know mine, and wish I didn’t, because it can kind of make me act like an asshole at times. I get to thinking, “Well, what do they know? I have a —IQ, and I’m smarter!”

The funny part is that most of the time, I’m flat wrong. I’ve been consistently proven to be wrong in a variety of situations by people I–privately–consider to be my intellectual inferiors. Does that make them “smarter” than me? Hell no. But knowing my own IQ probably makes me lazier and less likely to make sure I know what I’m talking about, instead of just mouthing off like a dick, as is my normal custom.

I was tested by my psychiatrist for various reasons, probably just to ascertain if I was mentally capable of fucking with her, or not, and for whatever reason she told me my results. I’ve never been quite the same, since.

Anyway, here’s the quote:

“Yes, you should have known better. There are two good reasons not to mention your IQ in public. First, it is extremely gauche. And second, if you put a number on yourself, people will always be able to come along and one-up you with a higher number, some of whom may not be lying.
I was tested many times in childhood. Never once was I given the results, for the above reasons. This was my mother’s decision, and she was right. I don’t know what my IQ is, and I don’t want to know. For one thing, I have a general idea of where I fit in the scheme of things, and that’s good enough. And for another, why would I want to know the uppermost limit of my potential?”




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