Okay, so maybe all those jokes about the British monarchy were a little hasty.

28 02 2008
Holy British monarchy, Batman!

 Anybody recognize this guy? I’ll give you a hint: his mother was killed in a widely publicized automobile accident, and his father is unconscionably ugly.

Give up? It’s Prince Harry, guys. This kid:


Evidently, he’s now serving in the British Army in Afghanistan. Now, before I start cracking jokes about an heir to the British throne cooking gruel, or shining shoes–or whatever the hell they do in the British Army–let me say this: this little fucker is going to be on the front line. With the regular army.

I’m being completely serious when I say that I find that to be several kinds of awesome.

No, really. Not because it’ll be horribly amusing when he gets shot to death, but because of the romance of it all. Just think about that for a second, if you will: handsome young prince goes off to strange foreign land to battle an immense and unbeatable enemy, all the while disguised as a common knight. That makes me a wee bit jealous, actually.

Now, when he does come home in a Union Jack-draped box, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. He’s the son of the immensely foppish Prince of Wales, for God’s sake. You know, this guy:

Far be it from me to criticize. I mean, he is the next king of all England.

Anyway, cheers, Harry. And good luck, too.

God knows you’re going to need it.




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