An “I’m stuck at home because my car sucks” Post

28 02 2008

And certainly not the last of these, I can tell you. In the meantime, I’d like to talk about something near and dear to my heart.


Fat people.

I live in Texas, the fattest state in the nation, and also the one with the highest population of Mexican-American citizens. Those two facts, contrary to what you might be thinking, have more in common than most people realize. It seems that Hispanics–specifically Mexicans, I’m not kidding–comprise the second-largest demographic of overweight Americans. I mean “largest” in terms of sheer numbers, not that they’re the second-fattest, because the research suggests that they’re numero uno in that department.

It must be the tortilla-based diet, or something.

My girlfriend is half Mexican, and is considerably smaller than the average whole Mexican. (She’s a whole person, by the way, not jus half-a-Mexican) She’s actually a lot taller–around 6 feet, in fact–but her weight is appropriate to her height, and her BMI is around low-normal. Surely, the addition of “white” genes has nothing to do with this, since my own grandpa died weighing over three-hundred pounds, and measuring maybe 5′ 10″. Maybe.

So what is it? What makes Mexicans so prone to obesity?

When you factor in the issue of economic positions, it makes even less sense than before. If you’re poor, you’re probably not fat. If you are fat and poor, maybe a slight change in diet might alter your bank account balance slightly. Otherwise, I’m lost as to the answer to this question.

Any ideas?


Lest anyone cry foul and call me a racist, here’s some stats for you. What has to be the laziest site on the internet*  states it pretty plainly right there in black and white.

* Yes, that was a fat joke. Sue me.




4 responses

20 05 2008

lmaooo FATTIE!!!!!
fucking ugly lol


22 05 2008


14 06 2008

i think fat people should stop eating lots and lots of junk food and get 2 a size 12 or something like that i have got a friend at school and she is very fat and i told her 2 go and eat lots of good thing and she said like what and i said apple pinapple and lots of thing witch are very healthy

11 09 2008
A note on the history of the blog. « The Schroederist

[…] the shit out of a decimal) of my blog’s entire traffic came from an incredibly racist post explicitly about fat people. Weird, huh? No, what’s weird is that the second-biggest drawer of hits is also about fat […]

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