News and Items of Interest

27 02 2008

It’s only a matter of time until it turns into a slap fight. The Obama-Clinton girly war is shaping up to be the most annoying political rivalry in recent memory. With both sides’ collective panties bunched around their ears, a person has to wonder: “When is Mike Huckabee going to step in and end it with his magical Jesus powers?”

The answer? As soon as one of them turns out to be gay, or in need of an abortion.

The EU regulates, Warren G advises Microsoft was slammed by European Union regulators for a cool 899 Mil. euros for failure to comply with a 2004 anti-trust order. In retrospect, it may have been more effective to make Bill Gates write an essay about the meaning of “anti-trust”.

Jackson Auctions Neverland; Donkeys, Lost boys file for unemployment In what could only be desribed as a “fit of rationality”, Michael Jackson plans to sell his palace of pedophilia sprawling wonderland ranch. Being hounded for debts almost reaching $25 Mil. will do that to a person, especially when that person’s only notable achievement in the past decade has been ducking child-molestation charges.

For whatever reason, that’s just not as profitable as it used to be.

Speaking of which Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” has been sued by the family of a man who killed himself after being caught soliciting sex from what he thought to be a thirteen-year-old boy on the internet. A New York judge refused to throw the $100 Mil. case out of court, which really doesn’t mean anything more than a little hassle for NBC’s lawyers. His refusal leads me to believe that not everyone has gotten over the end of “Seinfeld”.




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