So, I’m moving to WordPress…

26 02 2008

Hello, intrepid WordPress reader. My name’s Kenneth, and I write things. You should have realized that by now, but I’m not one to leave things to chance.  

I’ve been maintaining a blog* at MySpace for, what, Jesus Christ it’s been almost two years, now. Anyway, I have three-hundred-plus posts over there, and a pretty wide readership, but I’m not satisfied with things.

 Those things? Oh, nothing much. Mainly just the fact that I’ve lost at least one out of every five fucking entries I’ve written over that period time. You know, small potatoes.

 I’m currently suffering from an impacted wisdom tooth, so the Big Move will probably take a while. It’s hard to concentrate through a haze of Vicodin and pain-induced idiocy. Whatever the case, once I get everything over here, this should turn into quite the place to be.

*I say “blog”, even though it’s just a terrible mish-mash of articles, old poems, humorous fiction, and long, exhaustive tracts about porn.




One response

26 02 2008

Hooray! No more myspace suckyness. I think I’m going to like this.

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