It’s a little old, but still pretty tasty.

26 02 2008

This week, Yankee Pot Roast turns five years old. I happen to have a bit of a soft spot for those guys, considering they’re the ones who first published Because I Wrestle Alligators, the very first Dickerson P. Cockley story, and then a second Dickerson story later that month. That in turn led to the first story being published in print in December of last year, by some obscure literary anthology called Voices and Visions.

Understandably, I like the site.

They’re a “literary satire” site, which is a damn sight less embarassing to tell someone than “internet comedy”, for someone who calls himself a “serious” writer, anyway. To me, it can be anything, but it doesn’t matter until it at least sounds good.

The publication came as a hell of a surprise, since I can’t remember ever submitting anything to them for the first story. It also helped to lift my flagging spirits, mainly because by that point all I’d gotten by way of feedback on my humor stuff was a bunch of praise from my friends, and countless rejection letters from Cracked, a site that’s still pretty funny thanks to the brilliance of one David Wong.  

Although it wasn’t my first publishing credit, it was my first notable one. The actual first publication was of this three-part parenting thing that Cracked wouldn’t touch, that got picked up by this odd little site called The Cynic, a pretty low-quality place comprised of content in varying degrees of suck.  Even though both the site and the articles were pretty terrible, there’s nothing like the first time your work gets accepted. I think I was floating for about a week after that, even after I found out that I wouldn’t be paid for it.

YPR, for their part, also didn’t pay me, but that doesn’t matter. They’re not a paid site, and they still manage to be more productive than any other humor site on the web. Some of their stuff is really very good, some of it not so much. Having said that, at least the funny lists they do are filed away in their own little area, instead of plastered across the front page.

If you get the chance, head on over to YPR and check out some of the content. I haven’t published anything since then, but they’ve got some decent articles up now. 

Oh yeah, almost forgot. The coolest part about all of it were the mock book covers they designed for the stories. In case you didn’t see them, here’s the better of the two:

This doesn't have a damned thing to do with the story, but that's okay.




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