Come again?

26 02 2008

It’s easier to understand people who speak with a heavy accent when you know they’re speaking English. On the other hand, it’s also a lot less rude to just assume their language is foreign, rather than they’re simply retarded.

“Maw, dawyaw mahla dawyou, danubit?”

That’s what I heard today, from a slack-jawed–yes, literally slack-jawed: his mouth hung open at least two inches the entire time he spoke–non-local yokel who insisted on “helping” me while I performed an especially difficult-looking task. It wasn’t a difficult task, really, but it was made slightly less easy by my attempts to control my temper and urge to burst out laughing, respectively.

Sheeeee-it! Dab, nawyer gont aw bigaw dang mowkey!”

Seriously, what is it with people from Alabama?




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